Shona Wilkinson RD mBANT mCNHC

Registered Nutritionist and Supplement Expert

Shona is a registered nutritionist who has worked in the supplement industry for over 10 years and has extensive experience in the formulations of supplements and supplement protocols – the best ways to take supplements for better health!

Shona specialises in –

Formulation and development of supplements – Shona has experience in the development of products and bringing them to market.

Advising on trends in the health industry – Shona attends worldwide conferences and exhibitions to keep up to date on future trends in the marketplace.

Supplements – Although Shona is a nutritionist and gives dietary advice, her specialty is in supplements and supplement protocols.

Industry claims complianceShe is an expert on wording of claims for products and marketing.

Management of nutritionists and nutritional services – Shona has a team of nutritionists to call on for various projects in the industry.

Health writing for blogs, magazines and newspapers – Shona regularly appears in newspapers and magazines. She frequently takes part in TV and Radio interviews and often appears in panel debates for the health industry.

Here are just some of the publications that Shona has appeared in:

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